'A Merry Little Surge of Electricity' by The Red Chairs

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A Merry Little Surge of Electricity
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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This film had a nice set up and made use of a Blade Runner style concept in a good way. The sound mix made it somewhat hard to hear the dialogue which was a shame as it seemed as if this is where the crux of the film was


A hard movie to review! I liked the concept and the execution (pun not intended!) - but felt the story could have been a little stronger.


At the Ministry of Android affairs, a bunch of new models are tested to make sure they are fit to continue in society. This was very talky and could have used some more cinematic action as it felt a bit tedious.


A series of interviews with androids to determine if they are destined for the scrapheap.
The dialogue here was well thought out, and I really felt for the older android by the end.
The film is quite word-heavy, and one less robot would probably have conveyed the same point less confusingly.


Like miriamruthross I got the BladeRunner feeling about the movie - but it was a little slow (and to be honest I find Blade Runner a bit slow too). I half expected a plot twist at the end finding out that the reviewer was the android and her performing the reviews was actually a review of her - but it didn't come.