'Climatic' by The Lingering Llamas

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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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This was a really funny film that made good use of its concept and had a clever eye for the cliches in apirational documentaries. The lead actor was very enigmatic and helped carry the film. Some of the elements - the insomniac and the given line of dialogue - seemed a little forced but the genre was played out in a really good an innovative way.


Nice use of typical office and city environments in this arch mocumentary, a quirky approach to the against-the-clock genre. The use of direct-to-camera monologues cut with action was well done, and there were a few funny moments, but it would have been nice to have had some richer characters.


Nice use of the available locations (the lift scene HAD to be improvised!!) and the shot of the hero driving his car two parking spaces - unexpected and fun.


Outrageously funny film. Had me absolutely in fits during the lift scene. I loved the style of the film with the documentary feel fitting perfectly. This was a very clever take on the genre - great to see a original lean taken. It was a tidy narrative, shot very well and some fantastic lines. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sign a workplace card without thinking of Jenny again.


'Climatic' evoque in such a clever and fine way the global warming issue. The main character is just hilarious and bring to the short such a punchy series of unexpected comical situations. He is the one to follow. The rest of the supporting actors are also fantastic even through their few interventions. This is a MUST SEE. I'll definitly track the team Lingering Llamas on next year competition.


Took a leaf out of Grand Cheval's book (nowhere near as good as Child Jumpers, though) by doing a mockumentary that wasn't quite in that genre; plenty of talking heads but more where the team trying to save climate change were simply followed around as they tried to save the earth with the impending change supposedly happening in a matter of days. Some nice comic touches such as the email from Al Gore drew a decent audience response, but it was a one joke film and I hate talking heads in 48 Hours.

EDIT 12 JUNE 2013 AFTER WELLINGTON 48 HOURS FINAL. Boy watching this a 2nd time just made me absolutely cringe; your lead actor carries the film with an unrelenting loud in your face to the camera approach which obviously judges liked (but trust me, they all didn't love it by a long shot). The reason that downlowconcept and Grand Cheval mockos have worked in the past is by actually having character development with an emotional story arc. You had some really nice comic touches but this could have been pigeonholed to fit into any other genres.


This was one of the funniest films I've seen in the competition. The core cast are charming, and the lead has great comic timing. It contains a nice twist on the idea of a 'race against the clock', and tackles a topical issue in a light-hearted way. The repeated callbacks to the birthday card were brilliant.
All in all, even though the team's goal is absurd (as are their ideas for achieving it), I still sat in my seat longing for them to succeed.


48 Hours to save the world from climate change.
This film was laugh out loud funny! A ridiculous premise intertwined with a number of great gags meant that by the end I was almost taken in.
The repeated appearance of the birthday card was far and away the best use of the required prop I've seen.
However I felt the film was a little slow to get going, and mockumentary is a bit of a 48 Hours Cliché.


I really enjoyed this film. Being a first time 48hr contestant I didn't see it as being cliche mockumentry - I just found it laugh out loud funny in a really quirky way. The lead actor pulling the whole thing off brilliantly.