'Flashes of Insanity' by That's What Shihad Said

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Flashes of Insanity
The Crime Movie
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Trash noir? I think this film got the most laughs at heat. For a good reason. It's fun and bizzare.


Nice job Shihad!

Loved the absurd & mysterious insomnia induced streaker visions...
Modern noir style, great lighting, hilarious 'flashes' + bonus cleavage.
Great short guys.


Clever and funny, deserving of a place in the final. Technically proficient as well. BUT, how does it fit the crime genre?


Awesome! Very funny, very clever. Great use of naked men.

edit: forgot to mention, best use of pubes in any movie, ever!


Black and White, but actually utilised this feature to its advantage as opposed to just about everyone else this year. A copy with a bit of a meandering job has sudden meaning put back into it when a flasher literally comes across his path, and keeps doing so. Is he delirious or is he onto a case? Only time will tell. Good script, with plenty of nudity, pubes, cleavage and horse heads. Final shot was amazing.


Beautifully shot, with great connecting scenes. Very professional.


Great film. Was very funny enjoyed this a lot. Some shots didn't quite work, still over great film. Great job!