'Zleepers' by SUPERB TEETH

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The Musical Movie
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Crazy surreal fun... Nice DIY art direction here, some special effects take this film to "another level"


I loved this quirky film. The beards were awesome, outfits were fantastic and the songs were pretty good too. Great job!


Musical is a hard genre. The lyrics to one of the songs weren't very clear so didn't understand what was going on, subtitles would of been good.


Clowns teleport to earth and rap/sing about them hoping this planet will allow them to chance to sleep for the first time in 10 million years. A couple of good ultra low budget physical effect jokes (gloves as beards, 'zzz' paper drawn out of a mouth), unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan of clowns and the music was random rather than catchy or melodic.


Nobody can say that you didn't make a musical, since you had music from start to end and you were consistent with the music style, so well done for that. The lyrics were quite good and the music fitted with them - good job if you made that music yourselves, but if you found it from BBF then fair enough. I would have been interested to see some credits that clarified that aspect. The costumes were ... ummm ... (how can put this nicely?) ... a little weird. Dairies are probably somewhere to avoid in terms of the copyright aspects, although well done for focusing on V and for re-covering the can that was taken from the fridge.