'Accidental Candyman' by STUDiO

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Accidental Candyman
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The Reunion Movie
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Wait is this a Musical too? I am confused. Pretty funny.


Doing a musical when it's not your genre, that's ballsy!
But that was among the best musicals I've seen done in 48.

Story was a nice play on the reunion genre, and there was some genius dialogue/lyrics.
(And the subtitles certainly helped pick up any lost words)

Great job.


A little uneven (and wasn't expecting a musical!) but pretty funny and the last couple of scenes were hilarious. Nice job.


Loved it! Very 'Flight of the Conchords', great lyrics and very entertaining.


Great R.Kelly take off, the song was clever and the humour was top notch, not a strong storyline by any means but overall very entertaining


Currently not DQ, but from what I understand this one is on right on the line given that 48 Hours is actually not generally ok for fair use parodies, given that it is a commercial competition (and that is despite what the law says; there has been quite a hard line on this sort of stuff since a fantastic short in Auckland called 'Discount Taxi Driver' was DQ a few years back).

Trapped in the Closet parodied with subtitled singing about a guy who has just got out of jail [currently in a halfway house] trying to stay clean, who is asked to do one last drug pick up job for his best friend. Beautifully shot, and well sung, I expect it to be kept out of the finals because it goes a bit too far with the 'recreation'. The team apparently recreated the music themselves, but from someone who has watched R. Kelly's shorts an awful lot, this was way too close in my view. Ballsy to do a musical when it wasn't your genre, I would have recommended going by what the 48 Hours page said rather than consulting any legal experts.