'Made Maid' by Nutbar Films

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Made Maid
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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Nicely made film. Great acting from the two young girls and the android. Brave choice to show the drowning.


Good storyline and filming, the editing really portrayed the change of perspective between human and robot. Drowning was an emotion-grabbing addition, but I think it worked with your film.


Frustrated young brats try to manipulate their android babysitter to go from young kid levels of entertainment to adult (3.5 inch disks storing the ability to change, much to my amusement). The plot developed nicely and the android POV shots were quite well done, as was the excellent final shot. I think your young leads did a stellar job, and the choice to go with a darkly comic approach gave the story credence.


I enjoyed the film, liked the way the memories? were all POV.
A few sound issues. In particular when the girls started talking in the lounge the background noise stopped. This was very harsh and abrupt. Also was the voice rerecorded? the sync seemed to be out and the levels in relation to each other were a bit off. Similarly when the girls were on the stairs talking about ice cream they were very quite.

I liked the story concept. Kind of an android take on the magician apprentice. The end confused me a bit though, why did she feel guilty about what she had done, when she was just following her programming?


This film had a good story idea, and some really good moments; in particular the drowning was chilling, and the POV shots were quite well-used. It also looked pretty good. The sound was less good, however, with background noise overwhelming the track at certain points. I think that the first 30 seconds or so of the film were kind of unnecessary; this was because it didn't really need to be a flashback movie, and didn't really gain a lot from being one (the actual ending, to me, seemed a bit pointless). The film looked good, but the actual shot framing could have been tighter - though I would imagine that would be difficult when working with kids, and the editing was a bit jerky in places. I liked the use of the line, however, quite different to most of the ones I've seen so far.


I liked the kids acting and the drowning looked realistic. the android walking into the sea was just sheer sadism on your behalf :) but the pov from the android started to annoy me ( just my humble opinion ) why was the bath run before the girl was drowned, and did the android know she was going to drown the girl? some sound glitches but we all have them, and the Nutbar logo stretched at the beginning ( just me noticing stuff ). I have watched it three times now and could watch it again. well done Nutbar you survived 48hrs :)


Made maid was a simple story about a robotic nanny and children doing what children do best - which is overriding parental controls.

At the start is was very entertaining to watch the children manipulate this robot to do innocent things like pulling each others hair etc...

I really liked the POV shots from the robots perspective. It was a nice effect and very effective.

I am slightly confused over the story line. Was the robot a hallucination by a over-tired parent - day-dreaming about being a robot and leading them to commit suicide through guilt? Or did the robot have a conscience? Either way, it could have been a little more clear.

The acting was brilliant and I loved the ending sequence.

Overall it was very entertaining and a cool concept.


I really liked this film. The technical issues detract a little but the story is strong and the lead actress is great. good watch and I think that your average rating is lower than you deserve...8 stars.


I really enjoyed this film. Great actresses, non-predictable plot, great sound/cinematography.
One of my favourites of all the films I've seen so far.


Up until the drowning scene I was almost ready to stop watching as my attention had wandered (sorry Mike). The voice of the Android was a bit flat and monotone - you could have fiddled with the audio profile in order to make it more machine-like. I know that takes a reasonable amount of time and precision during the edit stage, so isn't always something that can be achieved. Loved the box of floppies, there's a whole generation or two out there that would have never seen these. Acting from the kids was good, especially Rose. Sound has been noted already as varied, and hearing the directors voice at the end of the drowning scene was a bit of an oops for the editor(s). I didn't get the end - 30 seconds of walking into the Plimmerton ocean ... there would be no reason why a robot would take that action. PS. Do you know that you've got two and a half minutes of black at the end of your clip?


Hard to believe this was made by the same team that made the I Still Dream in Color movie.

(notes after watching a couple of days ago)
The visual style at the start I liked. But as soon as people were required to act I was almost gone. The sound was unusable. Really clean, intimate sound might have helped, but you wrote dialogue that even good actors would have struggled with. Why can't the kernel of the "idea" evolve into a form that you can execute well. If the actors can't act in a conventional sense, why try? Treat them as expressive mannequins. Find a more genuinely cinematic way to explore your idea.

The assumed value of lip sync dialogue is actually an obstacle here. Throw that out and you would have more freedom.

I'm sorry Mike, this isn't the nasty review you were afraid off. But I was gone at around the half way mark.