'Death By Drag' by Macro crew

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Death By Drag
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The Crime Movie
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This team of youngsters clearly had some fun making this. They should be proud of their efforts, even though I haven't given it many stars.
The story was there, but needed to be clearer.
Some neat scenes and mood were there,


Good effort from some young film-makers. I liked the playing cards in the plastic bags as evidence, and the ending was quirky and cute.


I'd recommend working on your sound editing guys, as your levels were all over the place. We followed Vic Meyer down a series of leads into his investigation. I know it was done for comedy, but your tone was a bit off in terms of how you presented the drag queen. The concept of the detective and the drag queen having a mental connection of the same voices in their heads could have made for a great short, but instead this one was predictable.