'Trapped in the Act' by Get StukD

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Trapped in the Act
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The Immobolised Movie
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I really liked this one and it got my fan favourite vote. The concept was solid and well executed through good editing and characterisation.
Developed the atmosphere well, while the plot was steady.


Pretty good effort, nice premise, story could have used a bit more work.


Nice take on the genre; I'm guessing you saw the Martin Freeman starring world 48 Hours winner from a couple of years back? A mime in Civic Square felt that they were trapped in a concrete cubile, much to their friends' amusement and his frustration. I thought the switch between scenes of reality and the mind entrapment were exceptional, but the ending came a bit abruptly.


This was a really well put together film, had a good pace and clever editing meant the film was smooth. Like the cross cuts to the brick wall scene - these were really effective. Music helped.