'9 Simple Steps' by tobeacknowledged

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9 Simple Steps
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The Musical Movie
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There isn't that much that I can say about 9 simple steps. It was... musical... and... um... Well...


Thought the lady who was the insomniac had a good singing voice, but this film didn't seem to go anywhere for me. Tough genre though!


Over zealous friends come to try and help Victoria get to sleep by singing some suggestions that they have. The listed suggestions were many, but it all seemed a bit silly as most of the film was talk-sung in rhyme, with an emphasis on poos and wees jokes. The payoff response from Vic was decent, but the music needed a lot more work. I understand this genre can suck, but it may pay to be a bit more prepared in case you get it next year (it happens more often than you'd think). Also, out-takes in credits are not always necessary; could have done with just the one.


Although it was a nice, clean and technically shot well - I didn't see this going anywhere and actually thought the two people singing to her were fairies or something by the way they came from the closet. I felt by their intro and credits that most of the film as a whole was focused on the fun they seemed to have behind the scenes, which made you forget the actual film itself as I thought the best part was the blooper reel ending.


i have to admit, musicals are a guilty pleasure of mine, and i thoroughly enjoyed this little ditty. what it lacked in plot, i feel it made up for in personality, the musical sleep fairies i found hysterical, and the bloopers at the end gave me a belly full of laughs. there was a lot of personality packaged into this little film, my only complaint is that there was not more of it. i would love to have seen it develop.


Have to say this was quiet boring don't really like musicals.actors were good though.


Not a boring film