'Night Voices' by The White Coat Ensemble

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Night Voices
The Converging Storyline Movie
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Nice cinematography, I didn't really get the story, was the guy dead at the end? Was there an anti-homosexual theme? There were a few glitches where it froze up, not sure if this was the theatres fault or the video export, either way, nice production.


Not a great entry from The White Coat Ensemble. It dragged on and didn't make a lot of sense. It was hard to understand what was happening and ended in a rather... offputting way.


Great acting from the female lead! But to be honest, I didn't get what happened at the end? Plus there were some editing glitches that were distracting.


I don't know if it was your intent - but it felt homophobic. Perhaps you were trying to show the ignorance of it maybe? I'm not really sure it wasn't very clear. Strange. However the performance from the two leads were great.


A late night talk show host/a lonely middle aged man/a woman struggling to deal with her teenage son were the focus of this converging storyline effort. I commend you for having three storylines, as opposed to most teams who took the easy route of only going for 2; this has seriously proved to be a difficult genre for 2013. It was well acted, and reflected well on the fact that we as a society should have the right to live our lives the way we want. At least I interpreted that way. It was erring towards homophobia but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately I noted a couple of video glitches.


What was going on in this film? It started off alright then fell flat the moment the radio show started. It did seem to border on homophobia and it ended unexpectedly. I just couldn't follow what was supposed to be happening.


brilliant, just brilliant. i applaud you for coming out with such a bold statement about homosexuality and its effect society and family values, with the radio host representing the liberal media, i totally got where you went with this, very David Lynch. the performances were the best in the heat, and a very memorable one for me, i will be keeping an eye out for the white coats in the future.


Loved this one was my number 1


I feel that while this film seems to have polerised some people, that is a good thing a film that doesn't evoke some reaction positive or negative isn't doing what it was intended to do. I like the fact that they while working with a difficult genre they didn't take an easy approach to the challenge, and technical glitches aside, it has made me think... which is a good thing...what do think they were saying.