'The Secret in His Eye' by The Motherlode

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The Secret in His Eye
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The Techno Thriller Movie
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Very well done little Techno-Thriller here. Some great special effects. I liked it, but it could have been a little shorter.


not quite sure what was going on, it confused me a bit, some good characters, maybe this plot was a bit ambitious for a 48hour film, i think it needed more time to establish what was going on.


Good work here. Story nicely told, and good take on techno thriller genre. Acting could have been tighter, but kudos on having the male lead showing off some mean abs in the beginning, good man candy for the ladies...


I felt this kinda took itself a bit too seriously. The dramatic angle is hard though which is why most people opt for humour. The lead actor did well.


Interesting idea of a hitman planning his revenge in great detail, before trying to replicate what should in theory have been a smooth operation. Given the level of detail involved, there has to be some adaptability, of course. I really liked the concept of the eye technology and your lead held the story together well.


This confused me too. I couldn't figure out the relationships between the lead actor and the two woman in the film, and felt there was so much unexplained. Good acting though from the main character.


great film, the suspense had me on the edge of my seat, some great camera skills, and a thrilling plot. exceptional acting too.


I can see what the film makers were aiming at with this film, however it may have been a bit ambitious as ultimately it was all a bit complicated and nothing was really explained. The audience could kinda piece together what was happening, based on the usual story lines of these types of films but in the end I just felt confused.