'Computer Crimes' by Squint Eastwood

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Computer Crimes
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The Crime Movie
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A very good animation flick from Squint Eastwood. The story line was fantastic, some great little jokes. Loved it.


i loved it. some funny dialog and visual gags, the ending was a bit dark.


Very funny and well done! Amazed at this being able to be produced within the short time frame, awesome work. Particularly liked the scenes with the police. Nice premise and story.

Edit: re: 48review's review. I thought the jokes were more about prison sex, as opposed to being what I would consider rape jokes, though I respect your right to see that differently. The crass humour was in line with the type of animation used, though not to everyone's taste, I thought it was executed and produced really well.


Haha this was so badass. That's all I need to say.


Slightly slow burning (but still funny) start as an office worker suffered the consequences of not paying attention to shutting down his computer in the race to try out a new Turkish restaurant. Ramped up a gear once the story got to prison, which looked great and garnered a good audience response. Fast and punchy, would not have been too out of place in a Spike and Mike compilation.


Very dark! Enjoyable though, and had a lot of laughs. Well done to this team


Crude! i feel since no one is going to address the elephant in the room, i will. i have never found rape a laughable matter, no matter what gender.


Amazing animation, very funny. Well done!


I admire your animation (5 out of 5 for that aspect), loved the character voices, first two minutes set us up for something good but the ending was, well, just a bit awkward in terms of the outcome and the jail clichés. I'm left with a bunch of questions ... why did the computer carry on after the power plug came out? How did he get back in the office building with the police cordon already outside it? With such a big knife at his disposal in jail why did he hang himself, when he could have just stabbed himself, or used the knife to defend himself against attack. I know, animation can perhaps get away with more plot holes but in my view a good storyline is important regardless of the delivery method.