'Crawlspace' by Squidwig Productions

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The Immobolised Movie
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Really enjoyed this film, some great little jokes aswel. Was that an evil dead reference? Loved the intro.


Fantastic! Another brilliant entry here from our old friends, Squidwig.

A great use of puppetry and lighting and great camera work. Well done, guys.


Best team intro from this heat! Entertaining, though I feel like a psycho-evil cat would have worked better than a tentacled monster.


This was great! Loved the little girl's acting as well. Thought the ending was a tad soft though.


Now this was a lot of fun. A would be DIY plumber father tries his luck fixing the drains under the house, ignoring the warnings of his daughter whilst his wife and her friends get boozed. There have been a few complaints about the projection darkness levels at Vic this year, but I just have to point out that this one looked fantastic given that the team clearly went to great efforts to shoot under a real house. It wouldn't have been a Squidwig Production without some physical special effects, and this year they looked great.


Really great film with a lot of laughs. A great example of a 48hours film that works really well because of good writing, good acting, good production values ... but most importantly a well executed uncomplicated plot. The audience laughed throughout - 'nuff said.


Loved the acting in this. I thought the little girl was fantastic!


Found the little girl to be a great actor but felt like the line had been altered.


Loved the green monster's movements! Great film with attnetion to detail (the sucker marks on his head for example) and lots of LOLs. The main character guy was a great comedic actor.