'Seven Minutes to Curtain' by Spontaneous Weekends

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Seven Minutes to Curtain
The Race Against The Clock Movie
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This, I didn't like. The acting, while not terrible, could have used a little work. The story was relatively complicated and, I felt, didn't come to a very satisfying ending.

It didn't seem rushed, or to be a race to beat the clock at all. There was just no suspense.


i lost interest pretty quickly with this. im not really sure what was going on. kudos for the man love scene though, that made it all worth it.


Fairly good effort, nice storylines. Script perhaps more suitable for theatre than cinema.


Ideawise it just didn't work as a short. It didn't seem hurried or that anyone was particularly stressed and there were too many individual sub plots with the characters and it got away from the original intent. Sorry guys - the cast showed some potential though.


As the title suggests, we followed seven minutes until theatre curtain, real time. This then worked as a framework for characters to tell stories, and a few revelations. Felt a bit off the cuff, fly on the wall in terms of style. The pacing was good, but unfortunately a number of the jokes simply fell a bit flat. I also feel that other than knowing curtain was going to open in 7 minutes, the short lacked urgency as to what needed to be done before then. It seemed like last minute fluffing than desperation.


Unfortunately this just didn't do it for me. It felt a bit like a series of pointless moments that went nowhere.


bravo! its about time some real acting chops were displayed in this competition. the performance of the male lead was very reminiscent of a young Kirk Douglas, The clear and precise pronunciation of words, i see a bright future for this man. bravo!


Great film