'Sandman' by Purple Dragons

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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Sandman was a quick, jaunty action film about the, well, Sandman, really.

Good editing and camera work, 6/10.


loved the special effects, and some nice camera work and lighting.


Very cool, original idea, well executed. Ended on an excellent line of dialogue. Had some very funny bits. Well done!


Great editing as a bicycle riding sandman has his sleeping sand stolen by an insomniac crime lord. Clever dialogue, and good cheesy action sequences. Am I right in thinking that the "Made as part of Rialto 48 Hours" end credit was missing?


Really liked this film. Thought it probably would have got a better reaction had it played later in the screening. Some funny dialogue but felt like it could have been tighter in its cut. Good job!


I thought this was a really good start to the screenings of this heat! I loved the bit they ripped off Taken, and thought the sandman actor was really good!


this started out promising, with the sandman climbing in peoples windows cat burglar style, then it flattened out with the action montage, where the story lost control, i thought the whole taken reference was a bold move that didnt pay off, if came off as a corny internet meme.


I loved the edgy take on the Sandman tale. The opening scene really captured my attention. Visually stunning, great camera angles, excellent attention to detail, well acted and it kept me engaged the whole way through. Would love to see it again.


Was ok didn't really get it found it to be abit fast paced for me.