'The Legend of Baldy Dice' by SATORI Productions

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The Legend of Baldy Dice
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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Did not understand it really but it didn't matter. What an awesome film! Had the audience in hysterics.


I liked this mainly because I had no idea what was happening, but it was hilarious. Everyone involved was having a great time. Was it a robot movie? Doesn't matter. Good fun and well done.


A feud between an egg stealer and a shotgun weilding family takes a turn when the egg stealer is run off the road on his bike and nearly dies in a ditch. From here the egg stealer turns into an android (well, he has an android eye), becomes a millionaire, kills the woman he was feuding with and smokes some pot. A few funny moments and one of the more entertaining films in the heat


Well this team certainly had fun, but the guy with the huge HD camera who was apparently a team member recording the screen at the heat = WTF?!?! Anyway this was about the legend of Baldy Dice and how he made his fortune; an android who hid this fact from the public. That was the framework the story worked around but most of it was random conversations between people, trains, and smoking a joint in a truck. Happy go lucky and funny, but your team member is an egg.