'House of 1000 Horses' by Readers' Wives

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House of 1000 Horses
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The Horror Movie
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Clear winner (if it didn't get disqualified). Really...showed everything. Piss horse? Amazing.


This disqualified animation ticked all the boxes of gore, sexism, vulgarity and general shock factor that you'd expect from this animation team. I have a soft spot for other animations because we know the workload involved. My favourite part wasn't necessarily what was on screen, but the audience reaction of shock, disbelief at what they were seeing and loud exclamations of "No!" at some of the shots. Loved it. Keep them coming, Readers' Wives.


Wow. This either deserves 0 stars or 10 stars. I'm still not sure which. It was definitely horrifying, but for all the wrong reasons. This went beyond R18. I've never seen so many exploding genitals in my life. Was all the urine necessary? What's with the horse? This movie was equally funny, terrifying and traumatising.

I feel like I need to wash my eyeballs but despite everything I actually enjoyed this film. And definite kudos for achieving so much with animation within the 48hours.


[DQ] Piss horse is coming for you...mainly set at a frat house with exploding dicks, more exploding dicks, horse pissing, and a woman giving birth to a horse amongst visual atrocities committed to screen. As per usual this was more about the experience of the visual assault than the storyline, which was slightly weaker than previous years; I understand the revenge but given that a lot of the action had no direct connection to piss horse it made it all the more surreal.


Watched this on youtube. Guts on being DQ'd.

Disturbingly awesome. I felt sorry for Piss Horse, and nice to see him/her? happy in the final shot.


So funny, kinda similar to watching "Back of the Y" for the first time. Couldn't stop laughing.

Please make more