'Happy Birthday' by RDP Pictures

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Happy Birthday
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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They got the genre spot on, with two distinct stories meeting at the climax through a glorious shot where the action turns from black and white to colour. Nice way to visually indicate what was happening. Solid acting, and a good result with the 48 hours they were given to work with.


A woman escapes her tormentor, meets up with her daughter, only to get shot by an over-tired hunter. Might have benefited from a couple of extra scenes to give the film more coherency, but I thought it was well shot, well acted, and generally well done.


After being let go from an interrogation, a woman and child make their escape through the woods. Meanwhile, a hunter has his eye set on shooting a turkey for some dinner. Deadly serious film, just felt like both stories needed a bit more development.