'Fist Cop' by PuppyGuts

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Fist Cop
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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Pretty damn amazing. That is all.


[DQ] and verrry sadly DQ at that, as this was the best out of competition short so far. I was promised an ambitious short, and it really delivered on that expectation. This had such an 80s vhs neon vibe that it was incredible. It was like the punk buddy cop version of Robocop, with our 4.2% cyborg feeling a strong sense of justice against the Mr. Big type character who made him the way he is. Not just vengeance though, but to protect the valuable quantum that scientists have been working on. Over the top and full of action and dodgy special effects [floating buddy robot, anyone?] and one liners, I loved it. Only minor gripe was the use of the same pun a few times but not an issue at all.


Really fun film!
Love the silly scientist party at the start and all the special effects.
Good pace and vibe throughout, some great one liners.

After seeing some of their previous work this really felt like a PuppyGuts film.
I think the victoria theater was having some sound problems, I could not make out all of the dialog from the robot.
Great work.