'Catharsis' by Pumpernickel

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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[DQ] Non dialogue didn't need to mean non sound. Because of the lack of sound or music, this one actually felt quite eery. Well done on the audience for being respectful as we silently watched a woman try to deal with her inability to sleep. Felt like there was something missing to tie everything together, because the note about not forgetting what she had done, whilst giving the film at least a little dramatic movement, was also underdone. Just watching someone sit around for most of the film reading a book and watching a hamster was a tad frustrating.


This film was awesome, super brave to go with no-sound. It was refreshingly different to all the others and portrayed insomnia faithfully. The shot of the tv with static was so cool. I was super happy that they didn't do a 'reveal' at the end, the silent, dark doorway was a much stronger image. 48 Hour films tend to be all about the comedy so this was a tough audience to screen to, but I'm glad the film was in the heat. Keep it up.