'Poesy' by Paper Arrow Productions

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The Musical Movie
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Ok, so Wikipedia justifies that poetry is music. However the website did indicate with regards to this genre that it did want singing, but I can appreciate what you did. If I wasn't clear just now, the team went with poetry and a disclaimer at the start of the film, as well as choreographing the rhythm in the corner throughout the film for a picture in picture effect. Vic Meyer expressed her thoughts and feelings in some lovely poetry throughout the film, which was just her and nobody else. Some beautiful shots, but the same ideas that were established in the first couple of minutes (insomnia, loneliness) kept getting emphasised. The "count to 24" scene brought a lot of unintentional laughter from the audience. Props for being original, but yeah the organisers did say they wanted singing...


Some very nice visual images and some unique humour. I thought the counting to 24 scene was great; I thought the humour was very much intentional and that it worked. The film's approach to it's genre of musical could fairly be called avoidance, but it was a creative avoidance. No real plot, but enough amusing moments to keep me entertained.


Good fun : )
I was laughing all through this film.
Entertaining with a nice pace.


This film is art.


I think that this ran a bit too long. I got the whole beat-poetry slam vibe, and thought it worked quite well for the first few minutes but, as steelpotato said, the poem did just repeat the same ideas over again to the end. I'm pretty sure that this wasn't meant to be played straight, poking fun at pretentious short films while also being a fairly well-handled one itself, and it did have quite a few laughs that (I think) were intentional. I also think that the Wiki definition was a bit pointless, as the rhythmic intertitle thing was more humorous and, to me, clearly suggested that the team wasn't taking the whole thing completely seriously. One time that the pretentious part of it got just a little too much was the "individuality" written on lipstick in the mirror shot, but generally it rode the balance fairly well. Well-shot, and the blank stare from the protagonist was very consistent.

On a side note: If you get musical again, you should actually try making one. The actual music in the background was fairly nice, and nobody expects great singing from a 48Hours film.


It was watchable to the end and whilst I thought the poetry words were good (you did write these yourself presumably?) I found myself tuned out to them by about half way through. Which meant I spent most of the time watching but not listening. Good camera work and editing. It's just not a musical though and after all that was the challenge that was set.