'here and there' by organic lab

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here and there
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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What converging story? But in seriousness it was one of my faves of the heat. Some memorable dialogue, sweet shots of an empty Wellington (how???) and loved the star.


[DQ] a human puppet takes us through a post apocalyptic Wellington (well, other than a couple of shots where cars were seen moving in long shots) as he waits for their return. You needed to have two separate stories at least, and only gave us one so therefore did not do your genre. Even if you had, whilst there were some nice shots it all was a bit meandering.


At first I didn't like this film at all, but then a few nice shots and a couple of sweet moments and I cared again. For some reason the harmonica in the tunnel was what brought me back on board. It wasn't exactly clear that there was a converging story line, but with a bit of a leap of the imagination, it's there. Very few films that lose me at the start, hook me back in by the end, but this one did, but I felt like I had to do some of the work myself. It was original and that's awesome.