'Keta-Mean Girls' by Not Too Shabby

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Keta-Mean Girls
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The Crime Movie
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Nice use of pie. Appreciated sweater-vest's valiant efforts to recover his briefcase. End was a little weak.


Drug dealers with an appetite for pies contemplate whether to try taking down their crime lord, whilst being on the run from the guy they nicked some special K from at the start of the film throughout. Decent rapport built up between the two leads, and of course hilarious when they got hungry and contemplated mince vs steak and cheese. I thought the story was a bit muddied and the payoff at the end abrupt.


For me this was one of the more enjoyable films of the heat. I really enjoyed the vibe and energy. The dialogue between the two leads was well done and very funny. It wouldn't take too much improvement for this team to make some really, really nice films. Visually, I thought the film suffered a bit from having a lot of shots from inside the car, where a lot of overexposed exterior was in the frame, but hey, it's tricky getting those car shots right some times. I thought the fight in the opening scene was pretty clunky and the resolution of story wasn't really great, but there was a bit of pay off at the end and the film made me happy.




Two drug dealers out of their depth.
Great (though obviously improvised) banter between the leads. I got the impression that this was filmed without a complete story, which made it slightly muddled, but still a fun watch.