'1000 dB' by My little cup

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1000 dB
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The Non Dialogue Movie
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[DQ] Possibly a contender for best soundtrack if you weren't disqualified. Four tales were aurally connected by a tranquil soundtrack. It appeared they all conveyed a certain emotion such as expression (the guitar player), innocence (the girl hugging the teddy bear), self-identification (the woman putting on makeup) and freedom (the jogger). Made you think, but I almost feel like the team was leaving it up to the audience too much, because whilst the experience was powerful, it did not really tell a story, which I feel is the whole point behind the competition.


I didnt have a clue what was going on. Good shots of Wellington


Visually this film was fantastic! It's a shame that it can't be a contender. I was a little lost about what was going on, but I loved the editing/camera work in it.


Admittedly, the story was hard to follow... but visually the film looked great, and I loved your soundtrack!


Absolutely beautiful, but I didn't get the ending. I felt there was something that was going to tie all the different stories together, but I wasn't sure what it was. Non dialogue is a hard genre to get though and I think you did a really good job. Too bad you were disqualified.


The actors did a great job. I like the idea of the audience 'filling in the gaps'. Excellent music.


I also didn't get the ending, but it was a lovely film so a shame that it was disqualified. Non-dialogue doesn't mean no sound at all, so i thought maybe some ambiant and sound effects mixed with the overlaying music might have been nice as it felt a little bit like a music video. I liked that you didn't just use the notepad for the required line, but added a little bit more context to the notepad. Well done.