'Old Man Bones' by Mozarc

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Old Man Bones
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The Musical Movie
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So there have been some teams in the last few years that have gone very far in this competition making unusual or striking visual choices. This film was also visually very different, but the thing that separates the really good films is that they will still tell a very strong story. A lot of this film was pure eye candy, which makes giving a star rating kind of hard as I'm sure they nailed what they set out to achieve, but it felt like the unclear storyline did not engage the audience as much as it could have. I don't think I will ever forget the cat legs, though. Or the dream dancing with the lion and chief. Music was good, at least, but I personally found it a case of style over substance.


great visuals. I didnt make out what the story was


Wonderful visuals but personally I like films with a story and this didn't have one (as far as I could tell). So while I could appreciate the effort and some of the images were funny and disturbing at the same time, it didn't do it for me. Impressed at what you managed to do within 48 hours though.


Visually quite stunning and captivating. If the music had packed a bit more of a punch you would have nailed it.


Well this film looked great and i appreciate how much effort was put into this film. However, I had no idea what was going on the entire time. I couldn't really pick up on a storyline. My fav part was near the end when death / the skeleton came, that was badass and the visuals were really cool. Good on you for doing something different though!


Disturbed and intrigued.

This was more like a music video for an Amanda Palmer song. Despite this, I loved the voice, songs, visuals. Immediately after the film I wanted to see if the singer had any other songs out there and also if the video producer had any other works out there.