'The Fortune Cookie' by MoonGoose

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The Fortune Cookie
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The Horror Movie
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A bong fortune-cookie smoke up film that had major technical issues with the sound. Shot in Black and White for no apparent reason, given that the art direction did not emphasise the contrast that this stylistic choice offers. Seemed like the 'horror' was metaphorical, but the lack of a clear plot meant that this was hard to discern.


I couldnt read the fortune cookies. I didnt know what was going on


There needed to be more to heighten the tension in this film. As people just disappeared with no one else noticing it, there wasn't fear at what was happening. Also as the previous comment said it was difficult to read the fortune cookie slips of paper so this didn't add a lot to the story.


I actually really liked the concept behind the story and it had potential. Some of the out of focus shots made it a little difficult to follow.


Unfortunately I had no idea what was going on here. I couldn't read the fortune cookies, and the black and white was nice but it was a little too dull for my liking. I thought you had a clever idea making the horror psychological, but it didn't quite make sense. Good effort though.