'Sleepless in Seatoun' by Moon Landing

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Sleepless in Seatoun
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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A late night infomercial addict, and an infomercial star with a few issues at the local TV studio have their lives chronicled back and forth, which led to some fantastic visual gags. The performance of the lead actress in particular was fantastic, and this had a huge crowd reponse. My only real issue bringing this film down was that I felt the resolution was entirely predictable, although the physical comedy made up for that.


This was good. Building and building but ended without the terrific ending. I thought the ending could have involved the girl taking her frustrations out on the obsessed guy. Perhaps usage of a particular blue prop up the nose, to curb the blood nose she gives him. This was so close to getting an 8+


Awesome effort for 48 hours, top notch performances, and a great reaction from the audience! A contender for Wellington for sure. I might go and purchase a bunny onesie now ;)


Also would sign up for the bunny onesy. Some awesome moments and top notch performances. I agree with the other comments that a bit more punch to the ending would have transformed it. However all in all thoroughly enjoyable.


Outstanding. Loved the fact that the audience was left to figure out what he would do with the tampon! Ten out of ten for the acting.


I thought this was a cute story. Technically had a few problems, especially with the visuals. I liked the story though the end was a let down. The main deterrent for me was actually the swearing. I know that they were doing the Christian Bale thing but I just found the swearing excessive.


This was hands down my favorite film on this heat. Was really entertaining, and had some great gags. Both the lead actor and actress were superb, what a great performance by both. The end I actually liked, it looked like it was meant to be anti climatical. I liked the development of the insomniac idea. Really well done, I'd love to see it again.


Such a simple idea, but I wouldn't have ever thought of it! All the elements worked very well: script, acting, editing, lighting.

Very enjoyable.


I thought this was a fantastic effort for a 48hour film. Had a few minor sound issues, but overall it was really enjoyable and it had me laughing the whole way through. It had a great response from the audience and I think a lot of people are quite keen to buy a bunny onesie now! Like the others have said, I think this is a real contender for the Wellington regionals. Good luck.