'Time to spare' by Monastery Amateur Film Club

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Time to spare
The Race Against The Clock Movie
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A noble effort, funny POV commentary and an absolute cracker of beetle! I feel as if the film needed another dimension, perhaps more variety in the shots. Less obvious dialogue could be something to work on in the future, but having said that, the plot was very clear because of it. The strange, frightening, tiger whipping, clown thing was possibly the most bizarre thing imaginable. I question its overall relevance. A nice ending, well done. :)


After getting bored watching TV (please don't use actual TV footage in future, it's a big no-no under the competition rules), the chance to win $500k suddenly gets Vic Meyer excited and he races towards Wellington Town Hall to try and collect. I sat in wide eyed amazement as our lead shuffled his bdsm gear to the side of the kitchen bench before picking up his keys. Just about the whole thing was shot POV, and whilst there were some nice shots, the editing needed some work especially as geographical continuity errors in Wellington are a bit of a bugbear. At least you stuck to your genre.


Well done for entering again for another year. I think my favourite part of this film was the intro. I thought just maybe too much POV. The editing was good. Not sure about the random clown whipping the tiger? But great entry! wonderful effort!