'Experiment 24696' by Midnight Commando Squad

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Experiment 24696
The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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I really enjoyed this film, post production team, hats off to you. An outstanding editing effort. This film was well shot, the acting was strong, and as I've said the editing was fantastic. An all round great effort. My only real criticism was the very ending, not a great use of our insomniac friend Mr. Meyer. I felt as if the main character should have been called Vic, and that the last character should have been another robot or something, which would have been interesting. I was very impressed with this film. Top work. :)


Great time lapse shot of Wellington to start; one of the most beautiful images I have seen so far in the competition. From here the team presented a nice cinematic vision (contrast pumped up) of a man coming to grips with the fact that he may not be human. Also nice sound design and the lead actor had good screen presence, although the film ended a bit abruptly.


This film was very clever and i thoroughly enjoyed it. The opening shot was outstanding. The character was portrayed well and he had a great screen presence. I also really liked the clever ending almost initiating a sequel. Very good editing work. Great job:)


I thought this film was outstanding!! Great cinematography, editing, and some good use of special effects. Some of the acting wasn't the greatest but did not effect the overall viewing of the film. My favourite shot was the time lapse at the beginning, very creative thinking. The storyline is about Vic Meyer who is secretly an android but nobody knows, not even him, except for his therapist. When his glitching becomes out of control the secret organization decide to reset him. Then we find out after the credits as Vic walks out of the therapist session reset, with no memories, or feelings, his friend walks in with and says the opening line of the film as said by Vic. It is revealed that his friend is an android too. This film is probably my favourite I've seen so far!


a nice little film and I loved the mt Vic shot. I liked the feel of the film but the music in my opinion was wrong and too loud in some places over shadowing the dialogue. having the parents the same age as the main actor just didn't work but hey it's 48hrs. and the credits were ruined by the jumping. but all in all nicely shot and edited film.