'Once a Winker, Always a Winker' by Don't mention the mead

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Once a Winker, Always a Winker
The Reunion Movie
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I really enjoyed this movie, I laughed throughout. The first 3/4 of the film was very well shot, the end seemed somewhat rushed. The characters were interesting and funny, and the acting was convincing. One of the actors 'interviews' had some poor sound, which stuck out. There was also some kind of rendering glitch near the start, but there isn't a great deal you can do about that. The 'did you hear that' was ironically very quiet. I felt as if the pacing at the start was very slow because of the interviews, but a lot of information was revealed which made the plot clear. Nice work.


Having parted ways following a defeat in a 2009 Tiddlywinks championship game, this mockumentary followed the process of a team reunion to try and take down reigning champ Vic Meyer. I do not like Talking Heads in 48 Hours as it means people can just describe rather than show events. The other issue is that if you describe character traits then you should really actually back that up when said character turns up on screen. I felt this short would have improved without the talking heads as it would have allowed the characters to develop more naturally. The talking got to the point of being tedious.


A really strange idea which was pulled off very well. I enjoyed the mockumentary element of this, and true to all Mockumentaries, there were interviews with interesting characters that left me laughing and wanting to hear more. It seemed a tad rushed at the end as if everything came together a bit randomly. On the other hand i was impressed with the soundtracks used when Vic turned up. Some sound issues but not enough to seriously effect the end result. The title was also clever. Good work :)