'Mirror, Mirror' by Circo de Film

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Mirror, Mirror
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The Horror Movie
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I enjoyed this movie, interesting camerawork, some convincing acting and an exciting plot. I feel as if the movie needed more horror, a shock scare perhaps. Great tension during the mirror punch scene, that is some serious commitment! There was the occasional microphone buzz which stuck out, but apart from that the editing was solid. I also feel as if the movie could have concluded itself better, the ending trailed a little bit, lacking some direction. Great job.


Mental deterioration horror, as the lack of sleep snaps the conscience of our central protagonist. It was more than that though, as the absence of parental figures and sibling rivalry got explored although those areas were both kind of glossed over. I thought you had some fantastic shots into the mirrors with the lead actress playing the duel angel/devil personas really well.


Interesting concept and it was done pretty well. The lead actress performed very well, convincingly pulling off both of her roles. It seemed to end a bit out of nowhere though.. I might also add, great commitment from the actor who smashed the mirror with his hand.