'Keep Your Game Face On' by Bob & Carl Films

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Keep Your Game Face On
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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This film had me laughing out loud, a solid comedic effort. I thought the pan shots around the game table were smooth and interesting, gave the film a professional feel. Some of the sound was a little bit interesting, mic/camera fuzz between shots varied, which made full viewing engagement difficult, (perhaps volume issues, I don't know). I think you perhaps overused the fade, cutting in and out of the same scene with no notable time change was confusing. I really liked how the film began somewhat sensibly and then deteriorated into hilarious madness. The 'head sack' was hilarious. Top work.


A board game playing syndicate has high stakes, that increase when Vic Meyer arrives to the party. Full of puns on popular creations by the likes of Hasbro, Jenga etc this team simply went with one idea and ran full steam ahead. Some hissing sound distracked, but the guerrilla approach was really entertaining. I think the hierarchial structure and importance of change could have been examined a bit more though, as the convergence of stories was a bit weak.


I really enjoyed the board game element to this and it was done very well. Unfortunately I was a bit unsure on how the bus stop related story line fitted into the board game story line and given the converging of story lines was your genre i was disappointed.


Some great lighting and camera work and some very good comic elements. not sure I fully understood the story? But a major improvement from last year