'Focus' by Mama's Soup

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The Horror Movie
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I'm trying to think of something constructive to say about this film, and I appear to have noted a nice shot regarding blood in the shower, so I'd recommend going and watching some Brian de Palma and Dario Argento before next year's comp in case you get this genre again. I know the team got horror, but given I've seen more than a few of them over the years, it would also be nice to not see a female brutally killed in 48 Hours for supposedly having wronged a lead male actor. The unfunny toilet humour joke that was repeated didn't help things. There seemed to have been some light in his memories of her; perhaps go for the psychological aspect next time without said violence against women? It might have all been a dream, but given so many teams are using the insomnia as a cop out to do this, I'm not buying that.

The best horror films I've seen this year have been creepy or reversed the tables for the women in them. Men going crazy and killing women is just frustrating, not scary in this competition. Sorry I'll stop ranting.