'Another One Bites the Crust' by Little Kites

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Another One Bites the Crust
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The Crime Movie
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[DQ] Pretty sure I recall this team actually making use of the left/right channels for their sound design which was a nice touch for the voiceover narration at the start, because usually it's a bit of a tired way to get things rolling. This one just got better and better though, full of puns as the case of the missing sandwich was looked into by one flatmate who clearly saw themselves as a bit of a Humphrey Bogart figure. Not just puns but some genuinely good jokes, with the exceptionally long description of the missing food itself a particular highlight.


Great idea and execution, very entertaining. I really loved the voice-overs and descriptions. I felt though it needed to be edited down a bit more, some of the cuts and shots were a bit long or too late.