'Trois' by Life of Nigel

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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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OK, I really like what you guys do, but for the second consecutive year (last year you were official DQ and I remember hearing Skrillex - Bangarang, this year your film played and I guess if it plays it stays) you have used copyrighted material in your film. I'm talking the 20 seconds or so footage from the videogame 'Moto GP' at the start. Only docking you to an 8/10 though (would have been a 9)

A cracking trippy start leads to the examination of a polyamorous three-way relationship where both a guy and a girl obsess over Vic Meyer. Bonding over motorcycles, coffee and cinema, this felt like a divine mix between the 60s French New Wave and a modern music video, but with emotional power.


A very clever comedy indeed. The idea of having a three-way relationship appear very run-of-the-mill in this short was great. The scenes with all three stylish lovers hanging out at Evil Genius and riding a motorcycle were hilarious, and the actors themselves are to be commended for their performances.