'The World' by heads I win, tails you lose

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The World
The Race Against The Clock Movie
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Name of Short: "The World" (Race Against the Clock Genre)

[DQ] A guy plays a videogame where he gets to create the word, but the first time he plays a woman who is a glitch enters the system and won't leave him alone. The relationship develops, but I felt this was more of a techno thriller than anything. Contained some nice early morning shots of Wellington but could have done with some more character development.


Liked a lot about this short - the story was there and the actors worked well with what they had (bar the fake? US accents). Didn't quite reach it's potential but there were nice moments that show that this team definitely has something.


(a note to add to the above: one of our actors is nz-born dutch, the other is nz-born canadian, hence the accents!)


This film was damn good looking. Did a good job of building character relationships AND an atmosphere for a virtual world within 7 minutes. I want to see more.


Great acting, particularly loved the female lead. Nice concept and execution.