'Affinity' by Grizzly Pictures

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The Action / Adventure Movie
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I saw you had some decent gear in your intro, so not quite sure what happened with your motion problems; possibly an issue outputting in 25 frames? There was some excellent comedic back and forthing between a brother and sister 'taken your pills?' - 'nup.' but other than that, this tale of a girl who would do anything to impress her first date (after being stood up the last couple of times) was ok. It needed more action, or more adventure, or ideally a combination of both. You hit some genre troupes such as the one liners and running from baddies but needed more.


Had some good elements and ideas. The split screen shot might've worked better if it was actually the same take from two different cameras. Like SP here, loved the protagonist's interactions with her brother. Set design was also really nice. A little slow for the genre and could have done with a more climactic ending, but would watch again.