'Glance Forwards' by Glance Backwards

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Glance Forwards
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The Converging Storyline Movie
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[DQ] I came incredibly close to not putting up a review of this film. I thought I missed something the second time we watched it, but if I did then so did the 6 or 7 other people I talked to who also thought the only noticeable difference was a slight chance of pacing at the start and some added music at the end reminiscent of Vertigo. * If you weren't at the heat the wrong file played; the team were in competition but chose to DQ themselves and hand in a 'better' version for artistic integrity and thus we watched the 'correct' version at the end of the heat.
...onto the film...

A young woman on the edge losing her will to live in the present day is contrasted with an old couple who have just received what likes like a standard television set in the 60s (?), but after playing around with the receiver for a bit is shown to be more than its initial appearance. The team went for a slightly meta approach in terms of the convergence of the storylines. Well acted, well shot. I personally think you should have stayed in the competition but appreciate that is entirely up to you.


Note: I watched this film in the Screening Room, not at the Heats.

I loved this film. The concept, the acting, the storyline, everything. The set design of the "old" storyline was perfect. As an Antique Dealer myself I was very taken with the props!

Sorry that their technical difficulties saw them withdraw. It is a great movie. Well done.


I really enjoyed the film; the first time. Great use of humor with the historical folk, nice time travel twist on the genre. Visually strong, with convincing performances. However the story didn't quite pull together for me, I didn't really buy the I'm so sick of my sleep deprived girlfriend that I'm going to drug her and push her off the balcony. I suspect you've had this feedback from others, but I found having to listen to the explanation and then sit through it again painful.