'Birthday Leftovers' by ArchiMeDes

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Birthday Leftovers
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The Immobolised Movie
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I liked this one the most out of the films at the heat, as it was pretty well put-together and had some good ideas in it. I didn't really notice the script being overly crass, but I felt it would have been better without the voice-over, which is a bit of a crutch in 48Hours.


Some decent acting (especially the prostitute). And everything was easy to follow (thank you!). But immobile-man’s-quest-to-get-laid has been done so recently (The Sessions), so the idea didn’t feel original or interesting.


[DQ] Wheelchair/bedbound after a spinal injury early in life, the friends of our lead actor try to get him laid as losing his virginity is his #1 wish in life. Anybody will do…and many are tried but it goes for the John Hughes feeling and almost gets there. The script was quite crass on the whole which meant the tone jerked between tenderness and juvenile.


It was a bit "cringe" in terms of storyline and very predictable in regards to where it was going. Some good sound at times, but then there were other spots where there was a lot of background noise that didn't fit. The acting from the lead guy and girl was OK. I would have pulled down any non-generic poster.