'Hypnagogia' by Adventure Artists

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The Horror Movie
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This was, hands-down, the slickest film of the heat (especially if Alpaca Punch are discounted). The editing choices were, in my highly subjective opinion, a bit pretentious, but the thing came together pretty well in the end. I really liked the POV shot.


There were some very cool visuals in this one. And through the 7 minutes, the audience slowly came to understand what was going happening to the lead. But there wasn’t really much development of plot or character.


Loud, but not in a bad way, there was some really visually striking imagery here. Nice editing touches that kind of seared into my brain as well. Basically this played with the insomnia dream/reality/psycho idea and really ran with it regarding a young lady who stumbles upon a murder late at night. There was a sense of dread and unease but not many frights at all.


The execution of this film was pretty brilliant. The elements all fitted in together. Although I can agree the sound was a tad too loud, but it worked well for what it was aiming for!


Nice work. Thought you "nailed" (small hammer joke there) the genre and the style that it entails. I wouldn't be surprised to see you get a mention in other award categories next week. OK there may not have been a huge storyline development going on, but it didn't need it with all that authentic looking blood everywhere! I thought your premise for the lead/story was smart and acting was very believable. Good job team.
PS the only thing I missed a little was a sound effect on the first swing of the hammer.