'Blue Genes' by Theory Gift Hour

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Blue Genes
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The Techno Thriller Movie
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WOW....., ok, the beginning of the movie was 110% techno thriller, and the scene had me super interested, I was super impressed, and then....well that was it, they opened well and then the story went flat from their, I believe they did the Techno Thriller well, it is an odd genre some not used to, but they definitely nailed some good techno thriller moments which I would have been proud of. I give them thumbs up for genre adhesion and ideas....I can see potential in what they had come up with but just fell short of the mark for me.


Good film. The Koala at the end cracked me up did not expect that. If I could take anything from this film it would be how amazing the lead female actress was. She to me hopefully will get a nomination for best female actress she was awesome.


Yeah, baby. Austin Powers would be proud. The concept was good but it didn't quite translate into something that could be sustained throughout the film. Some of the technical aspects let you down a bit - sound quality was up and down, as were lighting levels at times, and you needed to improve the transitions between many of the shot changes. It's always good to have things to practise on before next year. Also sometimes it might be interesting to ask: OK, we have a large animal suit ... now do we really want to use it?