'Sleepless Ambition' by Team Bob

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Sleepless Ambition
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The Race Against The Clock Movie
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Well polished film


All I can say is wow!! To have 48hours to shoot this short film with the high quality of editing,directing,and sound is amazing. I feel in this film as a whole you are seeing a pro at their best. Definitely one of the best shot short stories in the comp!!


Well done Team Bob. Its good to see some teams use the requirements to what they are. I was really impressed!!!


Now that was clever and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Well done. I've watched at least 50 films from this year and I have to say congratulations on being one of just a very small number where "Meyer" was pronounced correctly. Some nice camera work and angles, I like the positioning in the lift and the use of the rear mirror. You looked as though you had a lot of fun making this little gem.