'SLEEPLESS RAGE' by Sytem 30

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The Horror Movie
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This movie was really well done and made me poop my pants. It hit the mark perfectly. I'm just not a huge fan of horror…...


hmmm.... this was rather B grade to me. Story didn't really gel, but had some humorous moments and all in all was well done. Creepy but not in a good way.


This was a true horror, I hated it which means I thought it was brilliant. Creepy, scary - yuck


Good stuff guys!! When doing this genre you can be subtle or you can hardcore - loved it you went hardcore. Great first person point of views and for first timers what a way to make an impression all the best for the future.


Im real happy that this short has had the ability to 'scare' some people! what more could I ask for?..9 minutes + of footage / had to cut scenes and shorten to fit the requirement. Had some fun making it and believe we made full use of the genre and details of the competition. Also last minute entry with no team until Friday a bunch of friends came together to help. :). Looking forward to 2014....(and some 2013 recognition ;)) I appreciate all words.....PS ... I love B grade movies....


Well done guys. I loved how you guys went hardcore horror. Good use of requirements. Keep it up.