'Envy' by FacePalm Films

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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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I think this film was short and quick. Could of had a better camera and all, but it was my favorite out of all three heats.


Another film with Facebook stalking. Nice concept of Cult leader using his members to stalk a female. A young team with lots of promise.


Loved this film. The story line was fantastic and very clever. Could of used a better camera and microphone, but didn't really impact on the film much. A big team to look out for in the future!


Well done to the team involved in this film. It is the first and only Taranaki entry in the screening room so good on you for that! I thought the film was interesting. Good ideas and locations. Some issues with sound and camera but that will only improve with practice. All round very cohesive film. Solid effort!


Good use of effects for the explosion and good POV shot. A useful approach with 48Hours is to think of the most obvious things you can about the elements and then don't do those things (e.g. the deck of cards and filming Vic awake in bed). That way you'll stand out as different from about 80% of all the other films. Practise your acting with the view to coming across as natural as you can - sometimes it's better to go with your normal voices as they will often come across as more convincing.