'The Day They Came' by Taktix Films

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The Day They Came
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The Robot or Cyborg or Android Movie
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From the opening shot, there were some nicely shot scenes. The acting was notable for the naturalness (most of the time) of the actors - something you can't always count on in these films. There were some great VFX, and the booming bass of the "invaders" was a great audio queue. At times the hand heldness was a little TOO Cloverfield, but there were some nice POV's. Nice ending also, including the subtle effect.


Loved this one. Nice going Hamilton. Looked smooth, shot really well. Held my interest the whole way through. Awesome music and sound. That scene where he got pulled into the trees was mean! Well done


Really professional and slick! I feel the story was SLIGHTLY lacking but I loved the twist(ish) ending. Best of the night by far.


One of my favorites of the night. The POV shot was really well integrated as was the genre. Great special effects.


i enjoyed this film as it had some really cool effects and the acting was good too. I liked the idea of the charcter filming. I thought that the storyline was a bit too complicated for a short film because it was hard to understand what was going on.