'Unspoken' by SINE Productions

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The Non Dialogue Movie
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Despite some shaky hand held footage, there were some good shots, though at times a little too dark. The music chosen was appropriate for your film, and I liked the moment at the end where the acting shines through. Nice river shots.


This was a good one. It was a bit cliched and some shots were shaky but it had a reasonable story for non-dialogue. Thank your editor!


Tricky genre but it stood well. This film captured a well written story and delivered it with heart. The shots were chosen well and I definitely recommend that your DOP should keep up the good work. But on a constructive note, a shoulder-rig will definitely come in handy to fix up the shaking shots. Overall, the film had a warm feel to it and was enjoyable to watch. Good stuff!


Difficult genre but it was performed extremely well. The actors portrayed their characters well without saying anything and the plot was clear and not over complicated. You tell what was happening and what the characters were doing and how they were feeling. The editing and music also really made this film good and it portrayed a visual story and unlike some other non-dialogue films, there was no dialogue, no voice overs, no speaking. The POV shot could have been integrated better and the lighting for some scenes was inconsistent.


A refreshing change from many of the other films in the competition.Excellent entertainment, and very enjoyable. Great cinematography also. One of the best.


Good take on the genre, actually no speaking. Good effort


Weldone,that was a hard genre. I did feel that the plotline wasn't very original (the car crash at the end) acting was good. Weldone!! :)


Shows some promise. I felt that you did a good job of getting us to connect to the characters and helping us experience the relationship as it changed. I did think the music was a little too much. And the lack of natural sound meant that when things did occur, like the slamming door, they seemed out of place and harsh. I liked the editing through the breakdown of the relationship, a simple act like the morning coffee can say a lot.