'9.00am BOOM!' by Pongakawa Film and Media Club

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9.00am BOOM!
The Race Against The Clock Movie
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Great Film!!!! Very funny and the story line was great and easy to follow!!! really enjoyed it.


Awesome work guys loved the humour in your film!


Great film, would have been in my top 3 if not DQ'd.

The humour was appropriate and timed well. One of the few this heat to have a simple, clear storyline which you could follow throughout.

A few tips to improve:
Listen back to your audio, there was one clip where you could hear the directors comments "That was a good one"
there were a few random sound clips, one was when we first saw the teacher driving to school.
Sound needs to continue through the cuts. i.e. the scene with the cows, the sound from inide the car should have continued when we saw the cows.

Great effort though and wish you guys had made it in on time. I look forward to next years entry.


Really good effort! It's a shame you were disqualified, but I'm keen to see what you produce next year. Clear and easy plotline and very entertaining. The mum's acting was great. ;)


Really good effort! It's a shame you were disqualified, but I'm keen to see what you produce next year. Clear and easy plotline and very entertaining. The mum's acting was great. ;)


Probably my favourite film of the heat, just a shame you were disqualified. Had a few technical issues, particularly around the sound in some cases (as has been mentioned by others). A nice, simple story that was well told, which can make up for technical difficulties for me.

Another great film from this team (I loved the Teddy Bears Picnic last year), and I deifnitely look forward to seeing what they can come up with in the future. Well done team!


It's such a shame you guys were disqualified, i really loved this film; it was hilarious and easy to follow. Best storyline in terms of following, and great humour.


Hi Guys, Great effort and good use of locations. You had a start/middle/end to your story which is a lot more than many other teams have done. Good use of adults you did have, maybe one more as the Principal would have been useful. When you watch it back yourselves think about the things that don't look too convincing and see if you can figure out how to improve those aspects. I'll give you a couple of starters: The background wasn't moving much when the "Principal" was driving to school (are you sure you have a driving license young lady?), the cars parked up on the verge probably needed to be on the road itself, and the Clock only moved in the very last shot (you could have filmed it for a while and then sped it up for each time we saw it, which would have made it look like time was whizzing by).

Your story had merit although there were a couple of random aspects (like the hi-jacking and the hobo). See if you can better incorporate the required elements, for example: the lead character could have been Vic who couldn't sleep because he was worried about what would happen on Monday morning. It's easy to come up with ideas after the weekend is over but not always easy when the 48 hours start ticking down.

With sound - wind is a real enemy for all film makers. How could you have reduced the wind noise in some shots? A big Cardboard box over the camera & operator can work, or you could have put the camera in the car to film the sound then when editing used the film part from the outside take and the sound part from the inside-car take.

Well done to you all for a great effort - you must be the youngest team in the comp. Now it's time to start thinking about ideas that you could use for next year ... (get a little book and write them down so you don't forget them).