'Pendulum' by Insomnia Films

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The Horror Movie
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Creepy but well done loved the different use of actors


I was busy writing down notes for all the films, but when I got to this one I just got caught up in watching it. Great work guys.

Watching it back I think that there was still a little something missing. I think we needed to hang with Vis just a little longer and get a stronger motivation for killing, especially Jordan's character. It would have been nice to see him really get down to a horrid low point and then have this pill as a possible escape.

I still think that music is trippy and so suited in a weird, Clockwork orange (for some reason) kind of way. SOme real gorgeous shots in their. love the silhouettes in the class room and the two walking through the fog. My fav shopt has to be the change back to Jaspar from Peter at the end though.

Great work. Really looking forward to next years endeavour.


This film was well executed in the sense of making the genre come alive. The shots, location and look of the film was well planned too. But it needed more depth to the leading of the murders and for that truly to build up the emotions at the very end. All in all, it was definitely an enjoyable horror and had plenty of scary moments. Nice work!


WOW, awesome final film, loved the idea and the camera work was amazing. also the music was soooo good. Again i think the characters needed to be explored more, but apart from that, it was awesome!!!


I really liked how the colours worked, and the acting was just superb :) Music was a big part of this, though I think at times it could've segued/faded scene-to-scene a bit smoother. Also, there probably should've been some quiet music/sound under the dialogue scene, as this sounded a bit sparse.
Definitely enjoyed watching this heaps, a shame that so many other films used similar endings.


Very atmospheric piece of film. I agree with the comments about character development, but overall enjoyed a lot. What was up with the funky music???!


This was excellent and I found it to be the most enjoyable film in the heat, which is what really counts, in the end. Music was the standout feature, although the silence was a bit awkward in the dialogue. The camerawork was fantastic and I liked the way you changed actors.


Seemed like a just another film with people getting killed, but I guess that's hard to avoid within the genre of horror... Really liked the mood you guys created, and though it was a bit hard to follow at times, the music was quite cool. From a cinematography perspective though, it was spot-on.


I kind of wish you spent more time with Vic, developing him, and the deaths were a bit on the overkill side, but seriously, it was great technically. Awesome editing, loved the music.


This was slick. Even the stuff I didn't really like (the filters, hand-held camera) was well-done. Good framing, too. On the other hand, the story was pretty bland, relying on the editing to make it seem more interesting. I think dialogue would have been a more useful tool than editing to make the story interesting. Frankly, we learn nothing about anyone, except that Vic is called Vic and he's an insomniac. The motives for revenge are pretty thin, even under the influence of drugs. The drug trip didn't really work for me either, though the Requiem for a Dream-style editing at the end was fairly effective. The music was effective, though the different styles didn't quite mesh for me and it was a little over-used. Overall, I liked it.


Wow, interesting film.

I really enjoyed it, but I'll be honest and say that the story was a bit lost on me.

But either way, the cinematography was excellent, some beautiful shots. I loved your use of colours to convey different emotions, and I loved your choice of music.

A tip - a few scenes at the start of the film could have used some atmos, as the dead-silence jumped out at me a bit.

Well done!


I love your use of editing effects and music. Very clever. We have only started touching upon how editing can really make a story . Your close up shots were really well put together. I had to watch it again now as i wasnt sure of the story at the heats showing but get it now. Am going to show it to The Film Club students (11/12 yr olds). Maybe a wee bit older for them but I think they will be able to look at this piece of work and see what their next step is with regards to how shots/editing/music and the look! can work so well. My favourtie bits. The ribbon instead of blood. An awesome example of not having to use blood and guts to get an effect! Change to music great and the editing and acting was fantastic. You have inspired me to take my guys to the next level (but we will probaly still keep it light hearted till they move to high school!!) A very talented group of people:)


I really enjoyed this film. It grabbed me. The beginning was weak compared to the rest of the film but it was great how it built to a climax.

I was a little confused to what the story line was but the cinematography was good and the effects were sparsely and appropriately used. This film was very slick. the acting was good and it was a visual treat. Some nice editing.

Overall I'm impressed and will watch this again.


Nice editing. You lost me in the drug-taking-sequence, it was a bit long and a bit unclear, and the end was pretty unresolved.
In saying that- nice shots (maybe a bit too much focus on awesome film techniques, more could have gone into scriptwriting), great use of music and it was nice to see a real attempt at a scary horror film.