'Ace of Hearts' by Astro Studios

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Ace of Hearts
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The Musical Movie
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I am so glad we didn't get musical it is a huge challenge to pull off in 2 days. I thought you tackled it well. I like that you had a different style for each of your characters and I could kind of follow a storyline through, when I could make out the lyrics. The end seemed a bit of a cop out though, I wish we had actually seen the resolution play out on screen.

I liked the use of real world sounds at the start to make music and the frenetic pace of cutting at the beginning definitely grabbed my attention. I wish these had been recurring elements through the film.

Tips for audio next year: work on leveling so that the audio from scene to scene is balanced in relation to each other. Also watch the syncing with the lips,


It was a really good try: musical is almost impossible to pull off convincingly in a normal film, let alone in under 7 minutes.

There were considerable sound issues, but I think they were due to the speakers at the venue, rather than your recording. I think there were too many songs, all of which were too short, which caused the mood to swing about like a confused revolving door at times. Three or two, or even one massive song would have been better and allowed the drama to increase. Showing the band in a few shots was a bit odd, particularly as it wasn't comedy.

It was still a decent film: solid plotline and good cinematography. The musical aspects were really what hindered you, I felt.


I liked the story of this film, although I do think that they tried to fit too much story in, as evidenced by the title card at the end outlining what happened. This would have been better to have shown, even in an Animal House "Where are they now" type of ending, with the information subtitled over shots of the various people.

In terms of the musical aspect, I think you made a good go of it. The random shots of the band did take me out of the film somewhat, and there may have been too many songs, although I did like that each character got their own style of music, to match their personality somewhat. The sound did cause issues, did seem to be peaking a bit, but I think that may have been the set-up at the heats. Will be interested to check it out once it is online to see if the same issues are there.


Liked the opening song, it was well sung and had a good tune. I was waiting for some relevant flash-backs during it rather than just filming everyone sitting around the table as that could have added another dimension to that scene. As others have mentioned, sound levels needed some work to ensure consistency across the numbers. Think about whether the story line is believable for you as a group a young teens/adults - wife, kids, and real estate didn't fit in my view but you could have easily substituted these things with items that would be part of your life/environment given your age. I didn't mind the band appearing, it was quirky. Opening was good but watch out for continuity aspects (e.g. rain or no rain, dry cars or wet?). You probably needed to make a tough choice at edit stage in order to drop out something in order to wrap it up better within the 7 mins. Decent attempt though and definitely a musical so well done for that.