'20 Days of Songnia' by hoganstreetheroes

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20 Days of Songnia
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The Musical Movie
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OK, lemme say, the singing may not have been technically perfect, but I found this film enjoyable start to finish. There was some real acting going on, and who doesnt appreciate boob humour. The dance break, legendary. The camera work was superb, and the effects were appropriate and well executed. Really well received by the audience, and congratulations on audience fave, well deserved!


My favourite of the night. Loved everything it had to offer from the storyline to the dance scene to the death metal and the dying bird!!! Dear I say it? AMAZE BALLS ( let me just say this is saying alot because our film was in the same heat!!)


you guys did awesome, even more awesome considering you guys got stuck with musical. A lot of laughs.


Loved the creativity of this film! was so enjoyable to watch!! :)


i really liked this one it was an awesome combo of comedy horror and musical and used really good effects.


An enjoyable movie, made all the better by being stuck with the dreaded musical genre. The concept was well done and well executed, the singing worked in the movie, and it had some great sequences. Technically well made, with some amusing lines, and looked very good (particularly the dance sequence). Definitely deserving of the audience favourite on the night.


ingenious!!! horror musical! acting was a little poor. however hard luck getting stuck with the musical genre, which is why you fell short of your potential with this and your idea. however there was a lot of good aspects! be pleased with your efforts! im sure you guys can improve ever so slightly and do really well next year!


Fantastic film and wowed by how much these guys achieved in 48hours. safe to say this was a well deserved crowd favourite. Great songs and dance number
I guess my one criticism would be it felt very straight down the line story wise.